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Posted by Israel Eziedo on February 8, 2016 at 4:30 PM

Perhaps the #1 film to look out for so far in 2016, PROVIDENCE is a silent film that speaks deeply to the heart in a way that no words can.

The film, though silent, captures and engages the mind while speaking God's love deeply to the heart.

The movie is set to air in select AMC theatres on 12th Feb, 2016 (http://www.amctheatres.com/movies/providence)

We've had a most wonderful privilege to speak with the writter and director of the movie, Sharon Wilharm about the movie. Enjoy our heart to heart talk with this frank and wonderul woman of God.

GM: Thanks for the opportunity ma'am.

How long have you been a filmmaker and what drew your heart into this area of ministry?

SHARON: We did our first film in 2000. Fred was a Comm major and always wanted to make movies. I had a background in writting, drama and theatre. Together we had done television and drama ministries at Church, so filmmaking was a natural progression. PROVIDENCE is our SIXTH feature film.

GM: That's wonderful.

Now, to the question I'm gasping to ask! :-) Why a silent film??

SHARON: Well, Providence is actually our second silent film. It started with THE GOOD BOOK. We had the idea for having random people connected by a common thread and as we were discussing how to keep from having cheesy dialogue and how to show not tell, we decided to take it literally. We had done music videos and interpretive dramas, so we were pretty familiar with telling a story visually, but weren't sure if you could do an entire movie that way. Well, I started writting and sure enough, we could.

We figured that was a one time thing and we'd never be able to pull it off again, but then when I started writting Providence, I quickly realized that it could be told without words. So that's what we did.

Silent films are obviously not for everyone, but for those who are willing to watch and absorb, they say that it speaks to them in a way that dialogue doesn't. Basically, each person hears what they need to hear.

GM: What's the primary message in Providence?

SHARON: It's a message of unfailing love and hope and a reminder that it's never too late to love.

GM: Amen.

What were your challenges directing this film?

SHARON: The logistics of pulling off a movie that takes place over 40 years and has three actors playing the same character. We had to always make sure everything was period correct. We also had to keep continuity with the characters.

Little details like the necklace that Rachael wears throughout the movie and Mitchell's sweater vests give it an extra depth but took advance planning. We also color coordinated all of Rachael and Mitchell's wardrobe and sets. Whenever they're in tune with each other, they're in shades of pink or red. When they're disconnected with each other, they wear blue or black.

GM: I can only imagine the depth of planning that took.

What inspired this beautiful story?

SHARON: Many years ago our family was travelling and we had this idea: what if there was this couple who were meant to be together but one or the other kept  not listening to God and not doing what they were supposed to be doing? So God kept bringing them together, but they weren't coorperating.

Then they decided it was too complicated and that we'd never be able to pull off a movie that spanned that long of a time period. So we dismissed the idea. But then when I started writting, the story started off completely different and then morphed into the idea we'd had years ago. And what was too complicated to pull off in a traditional movie, ended up working in a silent film.

GM: That's quite amazing.

What is it like working with your husband on set?

SHARON: We'd learnt through the years how to work most effectively together. At first we were competing with each other, struggling with who was doing what. But now we let each one do what we do best and we work quite smoothly together. We've got it down to an art of planning and listening and then each doing our part.

GM: Do you have any upcoming projects at hand other than Providence?

SHARON: I've written our next script. It's a period movie that takes place in the 1930's and it's a "talkie". We hope to film it next fall.

GM: What do you desire to see this movie accomplish in the lives of your audience?

SHARON: Our desire is tha people who are feeling alone or discouraged will feel encouraged by the message of love and hope.

GM: Amen!

I know with all conviction that the film is a blessing and will touch the hearts of all who watch it.

And just to add to the testimonies, after seeing the private screener for the film, I was inspired to do a Christian film on love (which I'm already writting)!

SHARON: Cool! Well, all the best with that. The world needs more love!

GM: Amen.

Thank you so much for the privilege to talk with you and for sharing your heart. I can't wait until Providence is on the big screen, February 12th in AMC theatres!!

I pray God uses the film mightily for His glory!






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